Car Repairs – Help!  My car’s making a strange noise

It’s tempting to ignore that unusual knocking noise or new rattle, or try to ignore the fact that your car has started to sound like a boy racer.  The problem is that, the longer you leave it, the higher the chance that something will simply stop working – usually when you most need your vehicle.

Whether it’s something relatively minor or major car repairs you’ll be kept in the picture and you will be talking to the technicians who are actually working on your car.  You’ll find they talk your language and explanations will be easy to understand.

We’ll explain:

  • What the problem is
  • What the solution – or alternative solution – is
  • How long it’s likely to take to get you back behind the wheel – and we work on real world times, not aspirational deadlines!
  • And give you an idea of the cost

Staying mobile is essential and we understand that it’s hard to budget for the odd breakdown so you won’t find any unnecessary parts slipped in.  You can be confident that you will only get the repairs that are essential to keep your car healthy.  After all – we like our customers to stay with us and build good relationships year after year.

When you hear that unexpected noise – don’t wait until it gets worse – give us a call on 01707 394333 .